Wabi-Kusa Workshop

Wabi-kusa is a style of aquascaping that combines both an aquatic and terrestrial portion for aquatic plants to grow on a semi-submerged substrate ball.  It speaks to the undefined beauty of allowing aquatic plants to grow naturally in an emersed form.  In this workshop, aquascapers from the Chicago Area Plant Society will first demonstrate the process, after which you will be cut loose to make your own substrate ball and design your Wabi-kusa.  Best of all, take it home Sunday in a tiny tank provided by Ultum Nature Systems.


Nano Aquascaping Workshop

Under the guidance of a mentor, aquascape your own Fluval 15-gallon aquarium, substrate, hardscape and plants (all provided).  This is a beginner-friendly workshop, so priority will be given to first-time participants.  Likewise, though all aquascapes will be on display through Sunday morning, this is a workshop, not a competition.  Take your creation home at the end of the convention!

Amazon Spheres Guided Tour

Join us Thursday night, May 2nd for a guided tour of the new Amazon Spheres. This tour will be led by the Spheres’ own horticulturalists.  The Amazon Spheres host over 40,000 different species of tropical plants as well as several gigantic high-tech planted tanks.

Saturday Banquet

Dine with speakers, professionals and newfound friends in the hobby.  Keynote speaker Christel Kasselmann will present a second talk on her adventures around the world searching for new aquarium plants.  The banquet and presentation is a light family-friendly event.

Banquet menu is Taste of Italy Buffet:

  • chicken breast in a light lemon sauce with capers & parsley
  • penne pasta with marinara meat sauce
  • bow tie pasta with fire grilled chicken, broccoli, onions, mushrooms and red peppers in a rich Alfredo sauce
  • spaghetti and meatballs
  • warm garlic bread & fresh sliced fruit
  • dinner salad
  • cheescake